I am a wife, stay home mommy and follower of Christ. I was happily married in May of 2009 to the love of my life. I’m so thankful God blessed me with such a sweet and loving husband. In November of 2011 we had our first little bundle of joy…Gabriel! He brings so much happiness to our lives. In May 2014, God blessed us with a little Princess…Natalie Joy. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and this journey called life with others. I believe we can all learn a little something from everyone. I hope and pray that something I say speaks to you. Please feel free to email me with any prayer requests, questions, comments etc at xojessfox@gmail.com

Some things I enjoy doing~ spending time with my husband and littles, all things clean eating/lifestyle, running, playing piano, singing, writing, ministry,dancing, laughing, shopping,spending time with God, reading, cooking, being outdoors, photography, sunshine…the list goes on!

I enjoy the small things in life…the smile I get back from my sweet baby girl when I smile at her, when my little boy tells me “I love you precious Mommy”, a clean kitchen, laughing with my husband, flowers blooming outside…life is too short to just let the days fly by.



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