Oh the •sound•


Sounds are •everywhere• and can be produced with about anything.

Music is one of the more obvious. To say I love music is the least. I have it playing nearly at all times – in my house, in my car, while I’m working out…it’s a HUGE part of my life.

Not only do I enjoy •listening• to music but I enjoy ~playing~ and s i n g i n g music. Funny thing is, my husband does too. So it surrounds us.

I promise I’m somewhere with this….hang in there =)

The mind is powerful and so IS the tongue.

Proverbs 12:18 The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

There was a season where I found myself “ok” with listening to music that clearly wasn’t “bad” but it wasn’t “good” either. So in other words I had become •numb• to the conviction of the Holy Spirit in this area. I justified it every single time.

Can I say that if you are •numb• in one area it’s most likely running into other areas as well.

Think about tingling or numbness in the extremities – it’s not just the surface of the skin but comes down deep from within with the dendrites that aren’t following the signal from the neurotransmitters SO it’s a communication error. It’s a “misfire” of information.

God forgive me NOW!

It all started with me feeling the need to have “upbeat” music at the gym. Like I said the music was clean and mostly upbeat pop sound but it was not •pure• not the way the Father describes pure.

I use Spotify so it has “weekly recommendations” and so one day I clicked on it and some of the songs that came on shocked me. I had been “ok” with the upbeat pop for too long to the point where Spotify was trying – attempting to get me to branch out and listen to other artists – ones that are upbeat but are no longer clean. That was a wake up. That’s when I made a stand – no more secular music for this girl.

Sounds pretty legalistic doesn’t it? Legalism is NOT how God intended us to live but BY His Spirit. And guess what? His Spirit sets us free and guess what else? His Spirit was NOT ok with me listening to even “innocent” pop.

I deleted the playlists that did not line up with the direction His Spirit was leading me to. It wasn’t even hard – there was freedom in releasing it.

It was refreshing to hit “weekly reccomendations” and be introduced to some new and talented artists. Ones that lift HIS name higher & higher. Oh guess what else? My anxious heart was soothed. I had slammed a door closed – one the enemy was attempting to further advance. I had starved the enemy OUT.

The world has “a sound” and the enemy loves to lure us in slowly but steadily. Be mindful of which beat you walk to. Be careful not to become numb to His Spirit. How? Draw NEAR to Him. Love something my pastor says, “You can be as close to God as you want to be”.  On the flip side you can be as FAR away from God as you want to be. Don’t allow the sounds of this world to sing you in.

The music you listen to affects you MORE than you’ll ever know. I want to challenge you for SEVEN days to only listen to “God sounds”. I’ll list a few of my favorite artists below:

-Bethel Worship

-Brian & Jenn Johnson

-Kari Jobe

-Audrey Assad

-David Baloche


-Elevation Worship

-Jesus Culture

-Stephanie Gretzsinger

**No offense to Christian radio because I am so SO grateful for them BUT there’s SO much more music out there that will satisfy your ear that they don’t play. Get on YouTube and Spotify and you will be amazed to find all the new songs.**

Oh the Sound of Jesus – it’s the name above ALL names and the Sound above ALL. Make sure you’re listening to Him first. He brings healing and peace.

Father help there to be NO communication errors between Your voice and my ears. Help me to HEAR You and to act on it. Help me to mute the other sounds but remain open at all times to Your Spirit. Help me to sing Your song.

Much Love,

Jessica Fox


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